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Purchases & Refunds

No, you are not required for any credit card information for trial lessons.
No. Our Trial classes are absolutely Free . Number of free classes depend on your classes plan, like in plan-C you will get 4 free classes and and in Plan-D, you will get 5 free classes
There is no Admission or Registration Fee.
No. You will not give credit card information to anyone .You will make the payment online in very secure environment.

About Courses

Payment can be refunded (in 2 business day) at any time by sending just an email.
Our cost is already less as compared to other academies even then you can avail a little discount if you cant afford the standard fee and you have three or more students in a family.
If you go on vacations then you will choose from the following two options, A)- You will keep the registration and don't want to change your current teacher then you will pay Haf vacation period's fee. B)- You will cancel your registration, then you will not pay anything.
If missed classes are within two weeks, then we will arrange makeup classes depending on yours as well as your teacher's availability. There will fee credit in your next monthly fee if missed classes are more than two weeks.

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